Access Control Installation in Ohio

Whether you are looking for security for commercial, residential or hospitality sectors, card access control systems can be an excellent method of ensuring that your property remains safe and secure. This type of system also enables you to restrict, monitor and modify access to the areas that need to be secured.

If you have stayed in a hotel, you are likely familiar with this type of system. You are given an access card which allows you to enter certain areas, and the card has a limited activation period. Hotels also use these cards for their employees, allowing management, housekeepers and maintenance to access specific areas on the property. Hospitality sector usage is the most common for card access control systems, but they also have much farther reaching applicability.

Card access control systems can be used in any business where an area needs to be kept secured. Whether you have an inventory room or area that contains valuable items or sensitive data, or a server room with computer equipment that needs to have limited access, a card access control system would be perfect for your needs. These types of systems work much more efficiently than a key-based system due to a few factors:

Keys can be lost or duplicated
The cost of replacing an entire lock mechanism when keys are put into the wrong hands is far greater than deactivating an access card
If you need to restrict someone’s access you can do so by deactivating their card without having to have the card in your possession.

At the basic level, card access control systems can allow card-carrying personnel to unlock a door and gain entry to a certain area. In more complex systems, a card can be programmed to allow entry through specific doors or into specific areas or permit entry only during certain times. Data about who has which card and what type of access that person’s card has is also available via the controller, which – via connection to the card readers located at points of entry or access – signals the door to permit entry or not.

With software programs on complex systems, card carriers can be added or removed, access schedules or which areas personnel are allowed to enter and other facets of manipulating permissions or points-of-entry can be performed easily by the system operator. Additionally, the software can be used to provide monitoring of point-of-entry access activity both historically and in real-time. This allows you to know who is going where and when, for all secured doors and entry points at your facility or on your property.

With all that in mind, here are five things to keep in mind before you install a card access control system at your property or facility:

What type of access do you want to provide or what type of security do you require?
Will all personnel have access to areas that are secured by card readers?
What type of investment are you willing to make to ensure security?
Do you want additional levels of security for some areas (i.e., keypad code entry)?
Do you have a plan in mind for the hierarchy of access for personnel and points-of-entry?

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