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CCTV and Security Camera Installation
Advanced digital video technology – allowing you an unprecedented level of organization and control over your surveillance data and access to it from anywhere in the world.
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Developments in technology have led to a greater need for security to help people protect increasingly valuable private or commercial property. However, security cameras and networks have advanced just as quickly! A vast range of sophisticated cameras and surveillance systems are now widely available, delivering high quality images that can be efficiently recorded, stored and searched. Closed Circuit security camera set ups can also be integrated with Access Control installations, alarm responses and advanced software.

Shoreworx Communications and Security delivers a variety of CCTV installations to clients based in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Our installation services range from basic stand-alone cameras to fully integrated systems featuring the very latest innovations.

Shoreworx Expert CCTV Installation


Surveillance systems provide an essential service for a vast range of projects in domestic, business and commercial environments. The wide choice of Cleveland CCTV systems enable us to design and build an installation that will fit your specific requirements and the individual features of your home, business or commercial complex.

We will visit your site and carry out a full inspection, reporting back to you as part of a direct consultation. We will talk through your needs and the options available, before installing a CCTV system tailored specifically to your project. Shoreworx installers have an extensive background working on advanced systems in large residential housing blocks and commercial set ups. You can therefore have confidence that our expert engineers will work and communicate effectively through the various stages of large surveillance endeavors.

We install cameras and security systems using the most efficient and reliable technology available and can incorporate the most innovative surveillance equipment on the market. We are Fully aware of the need for CCTV footage to meet the Data Protection Act to be used as part of evidence in the court of law. Shoreworx therefore provide installations offering the highest quality resolutions and images.

Choosing a CCTV System…


Shoreworx can build and design a range of CCTV systems covering a variety of prices. Installing the latest high-tech CCTV cameras and DVR recording devices, we offer systems with high definition recording and advanced software for specific and multiple camera recording. CCTV installations can be built to suit indoor and outdoor conditions, feature obvious or covert cameras and can be networked to deliver remote or even remote mobile access.

Examples of our CCTV/Camera Systems include:

Classic Box Cameras are durable, weather-resistant and provide high quality recording. They come with the option of color, long-range and night vision recording and are built to be seen as a method of crime prevention.
COVERT CCTV SYSTEMS: Hidden Cameras for your business.
Discreet Cameras feature in CCTV installations that are specifically designed to stay hidden. Protect your business now and call us for a free estimate.


Remote CCTV systems allow cameras to be operated and monitored from other areas either on or off site by one or more observers. Cameras can be pointed towards any strange behavior that has been spotted and feedback instantly provided through an alarm or the shutting off of access points. Installations can also be built to provide a high level of electronic intruder detection.
The latest intelligent CCTV systems include Heat Operated, Smart Zoom and IVS Human Detection cameras.
Wireless CCTV cameras deliver aesthetically pleasing and discreet systems. Their sophisticated design uses digital technology to provide high quality images and sound with interference-free signal.
IP-Camera SYSTEMS/MOBILE Monitoring of CCTV
IP cameras come with megapixel sensors and record directly to storage devices that are attached to the internet. You can monitor or even control your CCTV system from a computer at a remote location. Alternatively, access your surveillance through the internet on your mobile phone, Smart Phone or tablet.
CCTV installations can be fully integrated with advanced system design to deliver CCTV analytics and extensive feedback. Surveillance systems can also be integrated with Access Control.

CCTV Systems Maintenance and Support

Shoreworx offers an inclusive and extended Maintenance and Support Service to installation clients. This includes an efficient call out response, routine quarterly inspections, locating faults in systems and the planned replacement of parts before they cause problems. We additionally offer this maintenance service to customers in and around Cleveland and Akron who have had CCTV systems installed elsewhere. This is dependent upon a full installation inspection and report from one of our specialized CCTV engineers.

Call Shoreworx today at 440-808-8448 for your free consultation and site survey!

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