Data Center Construction and Relocation

Our services are typically phased as follows:

Data Center relocations are expensive and require specific expertise and experience. Therefore, we recommend completing these tasks using only skilled personnel who are familiar with IT migrations. Shoreworx Communications fully specifies and implements all elements of the relocation program.

Specific activities include:

Project Management. Detailed project schedule, team structure, Shoreworx, and Client Requirements are developed. Comprehensive communications across all partners including client, Shoreworx, landlord (if applicable), and other subcontractors are completed by Shoreworx project management personnel as preparation for onsite work is completed.

Pre-Move Site Preparation. Shoreworx relocation professionals arrive onsite and perform a pre-move assessment of all infrastructure to verify size, count, physical layout, packing requirements, labeling of all devices, cables, and equipment with specific information for new rack location, position, and integration requirements, path for transport from the facility, risk mitigation, cabling requirements, and other facility and IT requirements.

Move Plan Creation. Shoreworx will develop and deliver a complete Move Plan specifying all aspects of the Computer Room Relocation program including labeling, de-installation, packing, transport, unloading, unpacking, re-installation, re-cabling (if separately contracted to do so), re-certification of equipment per the OEM (if optionally contracted to do so), documentation, clean-up, and other miscellaneous tasks associated with the relocation.

Move Implementation. Shoreworx personnel perform all de-installation, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, re-installation, and re-certification of equipment per the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Post-Move Consulting. Project completion activities including punch list completion, move review, documentation, customer hand off and clean-up.

Each of our computer relocating and data center migration solutions is customizable to your specific needs and budget bringing you in on time and budget!