IT Service Management

At Shoreworx we are committed to helping your organization operate as efficiently as possible. With our managed IT and hosting services we source the labor, we absorb the labor costs, and we maximize up time availability for you, so your staff can focus on your company’s core business. We have produced countless designs and configurations over the years for our clients. All of our managed IT services come with a 100% customer guarantee and around-the-clock support. Let us invest in the infrastructure and the IT expertise so you can focus on what’s important to your enterprise.

Managed IP Bandwidth Services

Connections to more than 20 unique telecommunications providers with speeds ranging from 1 Mbps – 10 Gbps. Learn more about Managed IP Bandwidth Services

Managed Network Services

Let Shoreworx support your managed network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, and more. Choose Shoreworx for your private network transport services among our Data Centers and Partnership of Networks. Learn more about Managed Network Services

Managed Security Services

Shoreworx offers a broad portfolio of managed security offerings ranging from managed firewall and IDS to integrity verification, anti-malware, LMS, and global directory authentication services. Learn more about Managed Security Services.

Custom Monitoring Services

Gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure with six custom monitoring packages. Learn more about Custom Monitoring Services

Managed Storage

Shoreworx’s Storeworx™ Storage Platform has the agility, performance, and scalability you need to purchase capacity on the go and provision tiered storage specifically for your environment. Our clients have the ability to purchase only what they need as opposed to being locked into a large scale storage plan in which they do not utilize Learn more about Managed Storage

Managed Backup

Shoreworx offers an easy, cost-effective, and reliable data back-up protection plans that’s scalable to any business so that comprehensive protection doesn’t have to come with a corporate-level price tag. Learn more about Managed Backup

Operating System Administration

Shoreworx has the IT expertise to monitor and manage your Operating System (OS), so you can invest time and money where it counts. We know what you’re up against, and we’d like to help. Learn more about OS Administration

Database Administration

You’ll benefit from our experience managing and supporting databases for hundreds of clients. Our teams of certified database administrators monitor your databases around the clock, so you can let go of day-to-day optimization, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Learn more about Database Administration

We are the IT guys in Cleveland that can handle or manage your corporate needs.