Managed Backups

Shoreworx Storeworx™ Backup is a comprehensive solution for file-level and VMDK backups. There are three service options available to meet your needs. Local Storeworx Backup services provide disk-to-disk backup within a data center. Remote Storeworx Backup provides for disk-to-disk backup to a geographically dispersed Shoreworx Data Center location. For customers requiring multiple site protection, the Dual Site Storeworx™ Backup provides geographic dispersion in two of Shoreworx’s data centers. Shoreworx’s Storeworx™ Backup uses best of breed EMC® Avamar® disk-to-disk technology, delivering fast, daily backups in a fraction of the time, when compared to other traditional methods.

Dramatic performance

Shoreworx’s Storeworx™ Backup is based on disk-to-disk technology for fast, secure and reliable backups. Backup agent software processes and encrypts your data prior to transport, significantly reducing backup windows.

Simplified management

Storeworx™ Backup is an automated daily service. No manual intervention is required. You’ll save time while you’re saving money. Shoreworx offers 14 and 30 day retention periods in all Storeworx Backup service levels. Tape vaulting services are also available.

Seamless Integration

Shoreworx’s Storeworx™ Backup is available in combination with collocation, hosted, managed services and Storeworx Cloud offerings in Shoreworx Data Centers.

Instant scalability

As your backup needs grow, Shoreworx’s Storeworx Backup system scales automatically

Disk-to-Tape or Disk-to-Disk Backup

Minimize the chances of data loss by investing in the Shoreworx disk-to-tape or disk-to-disk backup infrastructure. Whether you backup your data to disk at your local center, a remote location, or to tape, our service will help you free up IT resources within your company, and meet compliance standards like Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm Leach Bliley. Here’s what you’ll get with Shoreworx’s disk-to- disk backup service:

• Initial full back-up and daily incrementals
• Restore your Data, anytime, 24×7
• 3 restore requests per month
• Retention periods of 14 to 30 days
• Secure customer portal for immediate access to backup job success rates and consumption
• 24×7 monitoring and alert notification

Off-Site Vaulting

Off-site vaulting keeps your data safe by placing a physical copy of your backup tapes in a secure and climate-controlled alternate location. This way, no matter what disaster your operation faces, you’ll be prepared to pick up where you left off with little downtime.

Media Rotation and Transport

Handling your physical backup media requires a partner in data management you can trust. Shoreworx has what it takes to help.

Media Rotation. Shoreworx is capable of rotating your backup media on a schedule you define, so that your information is always readily available.
Media Container Transport. We can securely transport your data from your collocation space at Shoreworx to an offsite vaulting vendor of your choice, ensuring all security requirements through the chain of custody are followed.