Wireless Networking

Many businesses are transitioning to wireless networking, and for good reasons too. Employees can stay connected to customers, and your customers will enjoy WiFi while in your office building. But also imagine an office building with several floors, where employees can roam and have access to up-to-date information on the go. According to Cisco, employees will be able to work seamlessly together, increasing productivity, and driving your bottom line.

No Cell Phone Coverage? We Have You Covered!

Have troubles with cellular access in your building due to thick walls or low cellular coverage? Many offices deal with this situation, and dropped calls impacts employee productivity, and frankly drives people crazy. You most certainly do not need the stress of dropped calls while on a conference call or on the phone with a customer, and conversely, you do not want to be tied to a land line either. Shoreworx is experienced in the latest wireless technology, from IEEE 802.11 to 802.11ay, to Voice over Wireless LAN technology.

Easier Network Expansion

Looking to expand your office or warehouse space? Does you store your inventory in a large warehouse or have a large facility with dead zones? These are more reasons to consider a wireless network from Shoreworx Communications. We have the capabilities and expertise to analyze your facility and make the right recommendations to increase coverage, productivity, and better your inventory controls. We start with in-depth analysis of your office or facility, discuss your goals, options, time-frame, and budget. We then put together a comprehensive plan outlining in detail the proposed system.



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